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prolems wit LJ

ok so i have been looking to get pluged into some communities on LJ to get deeper n my faith with those all around me. A wonderul paster once told me that we all must get luged in because lone ranger christians get picked off but the body stands as a whole. Anyways i was looking for communities on Lj and i have come across some that my spirit and god tell me are totally against him and his way. I do not know what to do about it. One of these communities is homos4jesus ( think) obviously it is a sight about people who are proclaiming to be non-sining christians while living in complete sin. Another community is christianity. Some of the people on here are talking about the world and relationships as if they were heathens and god had nothing to do with how we did either of these. I am having a hard time dealing with people who proclaim god's name and then act in total opposition to their proclamation. I am not say i am perfect i know i am perfect but i feel as though i know when i sin and am wrong and i ask for forgiveness and i follow jesus with my whole heart. I read my "directions" and know his word intimately. This jsut feels so wrong to me. I was just wondering what you guys thought
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