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Prayer Request

Early this morning, Alex Corder chose to take his life by shooting himself in the head with a .22 as he was getting ready for church. Shortly after, he was declared braindead and his spirit left this world.

As he was only 19, please pray for his mother and father, Debbie and Max Corder, and his brother Rush, who is 23 and alone in California.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Please strengthen and comfort Debbie, Max, and Rush right now. I pray for you to bless them through their family and friends right now who are grieving with them. Help them to stay strong with your presence, Lord. Show them your love for them. I thank you for Alex's short presence in our lives Lord. He was a temple of your love who lived to praise your name. Bring comfort and peace to his surviving family. Bring them all together safely during this trying time and show them your abounding love through your son's peace. Amen.

May we all grieve for the Corder's loss together as children of God. God Bless you and your family today.

"Live every day as if it were your last because one of these days it will be."
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