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by C. McNair Wilson

True faith separates the sheep from the goats, Jesus said. In church,
though, the goats are invited. Not everyone who goes to church is a true
believer. Some may be seeking or thinking about seeking a personal faith.
Many churches have taken to calling these folks "seekers."

Many just come to take a peek at what goes on in church. These are
called "peekers." Both seekers and peekers are met at the church door by
greeters who turn them over to seaters. But neither seekers nor peekers are
followers yet. Jesus called His followers "sheep." Seekers and peekers are
still in their pre-sheep phase. For now, they are goats.

If you ever go to a church where there are no goats or they don't
allow goats, it is not a real church....


You've just read an excerpt from the Fall 2002 issue of FIRST PRIORITY, a
Web journal featuring the best writing on evangelism today. To read the rest of this article, visit http://www.palau.org/firstpriority . This article excerpt is copyright © 2002 C. McNair Wilson from his book "Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven, But..." (PageMill Press). You may forward this excerpt via e-mail. All other rights reserved.
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